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If you need to hire laptops or Macbook rent in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere in UAE, contact us or simply fill out this form for an instant quote for Macbook rent!

We deliver throughout the UAE Region. As we're based in Dubai, for Dubai events we can deliver same day for last minute orders. Our prices are competitive and we can beat any existing quotes for Rent Macbook Dubai and Laptop rentals.

Dell Latitude E5540

Dell E5540 Windows Notebook

Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display Rental

ThinkPad T430 Intel i5 Business Laptop

How many laptops do you require?

Whether you require just the one or a few hundred laptops, HireTablets.com will have the perfect solution for you. Give us a quick call or continue for an instant quote!

Do you need a laptop bag?

If you are going to provide the laptops to individual users it may be a good idea to have sleek and practical laptop bags.

Need any software pre-loaded?

Our laptops have Windows 7 or Windows 8 Operating systems and come with Microsoft Office 2013 installed.

When are the Laptops needed?

Calendar for choosing date. Start date, return date.


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Need to know about laptop rental quotes or Macbook rent in Abu Dhabi? We can help you. Fill out the form above. As soon as you click on 'submit', we will receive your inquiry on Macbook Rent Abu Dhabi and after understanding your requirements, we will be taking actions on immediate basis.

If it is quote you want, we will provide it to you ASAP, and if you need laptops on rent or Rent Macbook Dubai, we will contact you for more details so you can get them as quickly as possible.

Clients need fast, reliable laptops and Macbooks. HireTablets.ae can provide you with latest Intel i5/i7 and Apple MacBook Pro laptops that are ready to use, along with any pre-loaded software required.

The hired laptops and hired Macbooks are pre loaded with essential software including Windows and Office. But if your needs are special, so is our team. We can help you with that as well. Our team can also install additional software according to your requirements and deliver it to you - at your doorstep, anywhere in Dubai.

Contact us now at 0203 318 0278 for instant Macbook quote or fill out the fields above. Rest assured, since we are the market leader in UK, our prices are competitive in UAE as well and we can beat any existing quote.